Welcome to semester 2!

July 27, 2015

Welcome to Christian Union, semester 2!

We’ve got an awesome semester of uncovering Jesus and bringing the good news of his life, death, and resurrection to UWA. This semester we want every student involved with CU to read the gospel of Luke with someone who doesn’t know Jesus.

Under God we hope that many at UWA will respond and entrust themselves to Jesus this semester. To help that along, we’ve got great Public Meeting talks on Luke lined up, as well as some bonus talks by Vaughan Roberts from the UK in weeks 3-4. Why not invite your friends (Christian or not) along to everything!

Small Group Bible Studies and Equip are also back this semester, so make sure you check them out too!

Please pray that God the Father by the Holy Spirit would use us to bring the message of his Son, Jesus, to UWA this semester.

Yours in Christ,

Matt Smith
President 2015