Public Meetings

The Bible is God’s word so we want to hear him speak.

That’s why every week during semester 80-100 of us gather in a lecture theatre to hear God’s word proclaimed. We’d love you to join us.

We have two times you can choose from:

Tuesdays 1pm
in Tatersall Lecture Theatre (near Chemistry)


Thursdays 1pm
in Law Lecture Theatre

Week Passage Title
1 Revelation 1 Intro to the Apocalypse
2 Revelation 2–3 What would Jesus say to you?
3 Revelation 4–5 The Centre of the Universe
4 Revelation 6 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
5 Revelation 7 The 144,000
6 Topical The Return of Jesus
7 Easter Easter Service
8 Romans 12 Rational Worship
9 Romans 13  Politics and Religion
10 Romans 14:1–15:13 Judging Others
11 Romans 15:14–33 Gospel Strategy
12 Romans 16 Team Jesus

Small Groups

Every week groups of 8-10 students meet to read the Bible, think about it’s implications, and pray.

Small Groups are a great way to grow in your knowledge and love of God and of other students in your faculty.


Common Hour

Mondays 4pm or Wednesdays 1pm (starting week 3 of semester 1)

Serving Jesus effectively requires character, conviction, and competence. Equip is our weekly training sessions designed to help us grow in all three.

This semester we’ll be exploring the sovereignty of God in Common Hour. What does it mean to say God is in control? How much control? Total? What about free will, and the existence of evil? Join us as we dive into all those questions and more.


Mondays 5pm or Wednesdays 2pm or any other time!

Choose from a range of courses designed to equip you to serve Jesus more effectively. If you haven’t done Sharing the Gospel or Uncover, then start with one of them.


Sharing the Gospel ($15)

Get experience in a clear, memorable way of explaining the gospel of Jesus.

Uncover: Mark’s Gospel ($15)

Learn how to introduce someone to Jesus through the gospel according to Mark.
Habits of Grace

Habits of Grace ($10)

Would you like to establish good patterns in your Christian life that will help you grow in godliness and your love for Jesus? Then don’t miss this elective.

Small Group Leader Training ($20)

Learn how to effectively lead a Bible study group at Christian Union or in your church.



Advanced Small Group Leader Training

Advanced Small Group Leader Training ($10)

If you’ve already done Small Group Leader Training and have experience in leading a Bible study, then this elective will help you take things to the next level.
Life after uni

Life after Uni ($5)

You’re about to graduate, leaving the comfort, familiarity, and friends of UWA behind. Explore some of the challenges and opportunities of life after uni.
Engaging with Islam

Engaging with Islam ($22)

Learn how to share the gospel with your Muslim friends and answer their questions about Christianity.


10 – 12 February 2020

Kickstart is an orientation camp run by the university Christian Unions in Western Australia for Christians starting uni in 2020.

You’ll meet other Christians from your uni, both first year students and upper years who can tell you all you need to know about uni life. It’s a great way to prepare for your first year on campus.

Visit the Kickstart website

Mid Year Conference

13–17 July 2020

Mid Year Conference is a camp for over 250 students from all the unis in Perth, where we spend a week away digging into the Bible at a depth you’ve never experienced before.

Visit the MYC website

National Training Event

2 – 6 December 2017

1600 university students.
One in Jesus.

The AFES National Training Event brings together students from right across Australia.

Five awesome days in Canberra praising God, digging into his Word, and training to serve Him.

Visit the NTE website

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