Bible Talk

The Bible is God’s word so we want to hear him speak.

That’s why every week during semester 80-100 of us gather in a lecture theatre to hear God’s word proclaimed. We’d love you to join us.

We have two times you can choose from:

1pm Tuesdays in Social Science Lecture Theatre
or 1pm Thursdays in Tattersall Lecture Theatre

Week Title Passage
1 The Word of God Comes to Jeremiah Jeremiah 1
2 The Word of God Announces Judgment Jeremiah 2-6
3 Mission: Where Do I Belong?
4 The Word of God … Jeremiah 7-10
5 The Word of God … Jeremiah 11-17
6 The Word of God … Jeremiah 18-20
Mid Semester Break
7 The Word of God Confronts the Shepherds Jeremiah 21-24
8 The Word of God in the Mouths of the Prophets Jeremiah 25-29
9 The Word of God Offers Future Hope Jeremiah 30-34
10 The Word of God Destroys the Nation Jeremiah 35-45
11 The Word of God Against the Nations Jeremiah 46-51
12 The Word of God Finally Fulfilled Jeremiah 52

Small Groups

Every week groups of 8-10 students meet to read the Bible, think about it’s implications, and pray.

Small Groups are a great way to grow in your knowledge and love of God and of other students.


Common Hour

Common Hour 1pm Wednesdays starting week 3 of S1 2024, location TBD
This semester we’ll be learning about Growing Disciples: principles and tools to grow others as disciples of Jesus


Wednesdays 2pm (starting week 3)

Choose from a range of courses designed to equip you to serve Jesus more effectively.

If you are unable to make the Wednesday 2pm timeslot, indicate in the form below the other times you can do, and we will endeavour to accommodate you.
Electives involve a one off fee to cover the cost of the training material


Know and Share the Gospel ($15, Wednesdays 2pm)

If you had 60 seconds to explain the gospel to a non-Christian friend at the drop of a hat, would you know what to say? This elective will give you the confidence of knowing the gospel deeply and being able to explain it to others clearly.
How to Read the Bible

Habits of Grace ($20, Wednesday 2PM)

The Christian life is built on three seemingly simple practices: reading the Bible, prayer, and fellowship with other believers. Explores how to do these fruitfully.

Doctrine ($10, Wednesdays 2pm)

 Explore the central beliefs of Biblical Christianity to give clarity and depth
How to Read the Bible

Advanced Small Group Leader Training ($5, Wednesdays 2pm)

For those who have started the journey of being a SG leader, and want to get better.

Mid Year Conference

11-15 July 2022: God theTrinity

Mid Year Conference is a camp for over 250 students from all the unis in Perth, where we spend a week away digging into the Bible at a depth you’ve never experienced before.

Visit the MYC website

National Training Event

1600 university students.
One in Jesus.

The AFES National Training Event brings together students from right across Australia.

Five awesome days in Canberra praising God, digging into his Word, and training to serve Him.

Visit the NTE website

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