Specialist Groups

Not all uni students are the same. Sometimes that doesn’t matter, other times it does. For the times when it does, we’ve got a group for you.

International Students

Being an international student has unique challenges: a new country, classes in your non-native language, being away from family and friends.

But international students also have unique opportunities: new experiences, new friends, and a chance to get to know God and his son, Jesus.

The Fellowship of Overseas Christian University Students (FOCUS) aims to…

  • explain the Bible in simple English for non-native speakers so they may trust Jesus as their King and Saviour.
  • care for and support international students during their time in Australia.
  • build friendships between Australians and international students and share the good news of Jesus in an appropriate way.
  • prepare international students to return to their home countries, taking the good news of Jesus with them.

Whether you are already a Christian or just exploring it, we would love you to join us!

We meet 5-7:30pm every Wednesday in the EZONE building, to hear from the bible and have dinner together.

For more information, contact Javis Cheng on 0410 292 866 or javis.cheng@afes.org.au or follow us on instagram (www.instagram.com/uwafocus/)

College Students

Living at a residential college is a unique experience and a unique opportunity to live for Jesus.

We have groups running in several of the residential colleges at UWA, where we hang out, eat food, and study the Bible. Come along and get to know God better, and other college students too.

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Honours & Masters

Over 30% of the students at UWA are studying Honours or Professional Masters, which can feel quite different to studying an Undergraduate degree. We have small group Bible studies especially for Honours & Masters students that fit with your timetable, as well as other events that give you a chance to meet students studying at the same level.

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PhD & Research Masters

If you’re enrolled in a PhD or a Masters by research you know that it’s very different from undergraduate life. You’re simultaneously more and less free. Your time can be very flexible, but there’s also research to conduct and supervisors to meet with, not to mention the constant pressure to write.

Contact us and we will help you connect with other PhD and Research Masters students who can encourage you in living for Jesus and making him known in the world of academia.

We can also help you connect with The Simeon Network, a community of Christian researchers and support personnel in universities across Australia.

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