Two Ways To Live – The core message of Christianity, explained clearly and simply
The Centre for Public Christianity – An Australian research and media organisation promoting the public understanding of the Christian faith
Matthias Media – One of Australia’s largest Christian publishers – a great site for thoughtful Christian books, with some online resources
Bible Gateway – A free, searchable, online Bible – A great site aiming to answer questions about Christianity from both Christians and non-Christians – Resources for telling people about Christianity and answering tough questions
Answering Islam – An online dialogue between Islam and Christianity
The Gospel Coalition – A huge resource for sermons, articles and more, covering pretty much everything you could be looking for
Desiring God – Talks, articles and blog posts about living for God
The Resurgence – Videos and blog posts aimed at helping Christians to be culturally accessible and Biblically faithful in their attempts to reach people with the good news about Jesus

Other WA Christian Unions

Curtin Christian Union
ECU Christian Union – Joondalup
ECU Christian Union – Mt Lawley
Murdoch Christian Union
Notre Dame Christian Union
Sheridan College


AFES – Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students
AFES WA – Western Australian branch of AFES
IFES – International Fellowship of Evangelical Students